'Cortland' is a cultivar of apple, that was raised at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York, USA in 1898. The apple was named after nearby Cortland County, New York. It is among the fifteen most popular in the United States.

A Cortland's skin is dark red over green and flecked all over with rust; it has a very white, juicy flesh and a medium-tart to sweet flavor. A lot of people think Cortlands make the best apple pies. Their flavor sweetens when they're cooked. Cortlands are a lot harder than Macs, although their thin skin bruises easily. Primarily grown in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, and other parts of New England, Cortlands are found at farm stands and produce markets but rarely in the supermarket. They're especially great in salads because they are less apt to discolor after being cut.

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